Point of impact validation and debriefing

High Fidelity Training has an established research and validation team comprising of published academics in the field of human performance, stress response, high fidelity training, and situational awareness.

Our team works closely with universities and defence to provide point of impact validation and debriefing across training and capability objectives.

Utilising the latest technologies and innovations across biometrics and training methodologies, our team delivers comprehensive in-field validations and debriefings to inform training impact and capability


Professional role players - OPFOR

A ready, stand up, self-sufficient force of 200+ security vetted and operationally experienced role players, to deliver unparalleled immersive training across Australia.

Utilising peacekeeping and war like operation experience to deliver civilian, militia and OPFOR capabilities.


Our licensed armourer brings a wide range of blank firing weapon systems, to provide theatre and geographic realism.


  • Defence

  • Paramedical

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  • Training